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USF Tag Along Blanket
and Matching Football
Florida State (FSU) Tag Along Blanket
and Matching Football


Tag Along Blankets


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Burp Cloth and Tag Along Blanket
Blanket, Burp Cloth, Tag Along
Blanket and Receiving Blanket Set


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Tag Along Purse
Tag Along Car
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Fabric Purses


ll items are made to order based on your specifications. 
If I have the fabric and supplies in stock and immediately available,
items can be completed and shipped within two (2) weeks.
Requests for specialty and licensed fabrics could result in an additional charge and is based on availability. 
Additional time may be required to obtain requested fabrics, etc.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions/inquiries -
Even if you don't see the exact item you want, that doesn't mean I can't make it.

Miscellaneous Information
Various detailed embroidery designs available at an additional cost.
Embroidery design cost varies by size, details, and number of colors in the design.
All pricing is subject to change as a result from increase fabric or thread cost.
Specialty fabrics may be available but could increase the cost of an item.